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Walnut Platter 2 - 10.5"

Walnut Platter 2 - 10.5"

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A nice Walnut platter, finished with Tried & True Original Wood Finish.  With a food safe finish, this platter is ready for serving, presenting, or decoration.

It is about 10.5” overall diameter, and 1.25” overall height. The dished portion is about 7” diameter.  This one has a single cove on the underside of the rim.  I tried this design to change up from the ovolo on other platters I've turned.

This platter was turned  on my from some walnut slabs that I purchased from a local friend of my neighbor.  He had some walnut trees cut down in his back yard, and asked to keep some of the wood.  A few years of it sitting in his garage, he decided he wasn't going to use it, and ergo; it ended up in my shop.

The platter was finish turned in my shop in Minnesota.  As a result as the wood changes in moisture content due to seasonal changes, the wood may move a small amount.  This in turn may case it to not sit perfectly flat on a hard surface over time.  This shouldn't be a major concern, but if it is bothersome, a sheet of sandpaper on a hard flat surface can be used to flatten the bottom rim of the platter.  Place the sandpaper on the flat surface, and move the platter on the sand paper until the bottom is flat to your liking.  Apply some sort of curing oil/wax finish to the sanded areas, or leave it natural.  I prefer Tried & True original wood finish (what was applied to the rest), or Mahoney's Walnut Oil.


Diameter: 10.5 in
1.25 in

Weight: 2 lb

Care information

Wipe the platter out with a clean dry rag if possible. The platter can be cleaned with a damp rag, or a mild soap can be used if absolutely needed, but should not be submerged in water. Excessive scrubbing may damage the finish.

Periodically, finish may need to be refreshed depending on use, and washing frequency. A food safe finish, such as Tried & True Original Wood Finish, Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner, or Walnut Oil is recommended.

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