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Walnut Bowl

Walnut Bowl

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A nice deep Walnut bowl, finished with Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner. 

This bowl was turned from a large chunk of a walnut log. The full lock was around 25" in diameter, and was part of a local neighborhood tree that was cut down a few houses down the block from me.  My neighbor saved the log and offered it to me after he decided they didn't have a use for it like he thought.

This bowl was finish turned when the wood was still somewhat wet.  This results in the wood naturally moving a little as it dries out.  As a result, bowls turned this way may not sit completely flat on a hard surface, as the wood warps when it dries out.

It is about 8” overall diameter, and 4.5” overall height. The bowl portion is 7.25” diameter, and 3.75” deep on the taller ends.


Diameter: 8 in
4.5 in

Weight: 1 lb

Care information

Wipe the bowl out with a clean dry rag if possible. The bowl can be cleaned with a damp rag, or a mild soap can be used if absolutely needed, but should not be submerged in water. Excessive scrubbing may damage the finish.

Periodically, finish may need to be refreshed depending on use, and washing frequency. A food safe finish, such as Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner is recommended, which was the original finish of this bowl

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