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Norway Maple Nested Bowl Set

Norway Maple Nested Bowl Set

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Norway Maple Nested Bowl Set, finished with Mahoney’s Walnut Oil.

This set of 3 nested bowls were turned from a nested set of blanks, meaning the smaller bowls were turned from the inside pieces (cores) of the bowl larger than it.  The middle sized bowl has purple heart added to the base, to extend the height of the bowl.

The bowl sizes are as follows:

  • Large bowl is 10" overall diameter, and 4" overall height.  The bowl portion is 9.25" diameter, and 3.5" deep
  • Medium bowl is 6.5" overall diameter, and 2.5" overall height.  The bowl portion is 5.75" diameter, and 2" deep
  • Small bowl is 4" overall diameter, and 1.5" overall height.  The bowl portion is 3.5" diameter, and 1.25" deep


Diameter: 10 in
4 in

Weight: 2 lb

Care information

Wipe the bowl out with a clean dry rag if possible. The bowl can be cleaned with a damp rag, or a mild soap can be used if needed, but should not be submerged in water. Excessive scrubbing may damage the finish.

Periodically, finish may need to be refreshed depending on use, and washing frequency. A food safe oil finish, such as Mahoney's Walnut Oil, is recommended. Mahoney's Walnut Oil is the original finish on this bowl.

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